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Dial-up Account

    Change Dial-up Account Password : Click Here

    Delete a Dial-up Account: Account Delete

E-mail Accounts

    Account Maintenance:

        Add an E-mail Name

        Change an E-mail Name password

        Delete an E-mail name

    How to setup a new E-mail Name: Two Steps

    Policy: E-Mail Policy

    Setup E-mail: Outlook 97 Note

    Setup E-mail: Outlook 98 and Outlook Express

    Setup E-mail: Outlook Manual Setup

Getting on the Internet

    An Overview: Overview

    Connecting to the Internet using Windows 95/98:

        Automatic Method:  Connection Wizard

        Manual Method:  Manual Setup

        Setup E-mail: Two Steps

    Just the Settings:  Addresses and Settings

Personal Web space

    Activate Web space: Click Here

    Change Web space Password: Click here

    Deactivate Web space: Click here

    How to use your Personal Web space: Summary

    Policy: Web space Policy


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    E-mail contact: support@kay-net.com

    Send a message: Support