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Setting up e-mail in Outlook 98 and Outlook Express:

1. From the Tools menu, choose "Accounts".

2. To delete an account, highlight it and click "Remove". (Note: this will not delete the e-mail account from kay-net.com – this will delete the account from Outlook).

3. To modify an account, highlight it and click "Properties".

4. To add an account, click "Add", then select "Mail" from the dropdown list.

You should see the following screen:


A. Your Name– Most people type in their first and last names here but you can use a nickname if that’s what you want to appear (example: "kay-net Support").

Click "Next"


B. Internet E-mail address– Enter the e-mail address that you wish to add to your e-mail client (example: support@kay-net.com )

Click "Next"


C. E-mail Server Names– Follow these steps:

        1. Using the dropdown list, make sure "POP3" is selected

        2. For "Incoming mail server", enter: pop.kay-net.com

        3. For "Outgoing mail server", enter: smtp.kay-net.com 

Click "Next"


D. Internet Mail Logon– Follow these steps:

        1. Choose: "Logon using"

        2. POP account name is the e-mail name you entered in step B without the "@kay-net.com" (Example: "support").

        3. Password – enter the e-mail password that was provided when you set up the e-mail name with kay-net. (This is not your Dial-up User password).

Click "Next"


E. Friendly Name– Choose a name that describes this particular e-mail account (example: "kay-net Mail").

Click "Next"


F. Connection Type – Choose "Connect using my phone line".

Click "Next"


G. Dial-Up Connection – Choose "Use an existing dial-up connection" then select your kay-net connection.

Click "Next"


H. Congratulations – Click "Finish"