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To make changes to your E-mail configuration in Outlook 98 or Outlook Express, first select the "Tools" menu and then choose "Accounts".  Highlight the account you want to modify, then click on "Properties".  You should see a screen similar to this one:


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The first entry (here it is "kay-net Mail") is the "friendly" name that Windows assigns to an e-mail account.  You'll see this name while checking e-mail.  In this case, the screen would report: "Receiving mail on account 'kay-net Mail' ".


Name: This name will be displayed to your e-mail recipients.

E-mail address: The e-mail address that's being checked.


Click on the "Servers" tab:

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Outgoing mail:   smtp.kay-net.com

Incoming mail:   pop.kay-net.com

Account name:   Your e-mail name from the "General" tab without @kay-net.com

Password:    The password that has been assigned to this e-mail name.


Click on the "Connection" tab:

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Select "Connect using my phone line".

Make sure your kay-net.com connection is selected.


Click on the "Advanced" tab:

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There is no need to change anything on this page.


Click "OK" to close the account's Properties window.


Click "Close" to close the Internet Accounts window.



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