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Web Hosting is a package of services that let you put a website on the Internet
  • Web Hosting consists of two services: Domain Hosting and Server Space
  • Domain Hosting lets you use your own .COM name as the address for your website
  • Server Space is room on a hard drive in a computer that’s always on the Internet


What is the advantage of Web Hosting?

  • Websites are great advertising tools, and they cost less than a newspaper ad!
  • Unlike a newspaper ad, you can update your website on a daily basis
  • Your own .COM name increases the value of your website because of name association between your website and your company name or product
  • Your e-mail address can be YourName@YourSite.COM!
  • Expand your online business at your own pace
  • Our affordable packages let you try it out at a low cost

Why choose

  • Most competitive rate – we haven’t found a better deal yet!
  • SMALL SETUP FEE! is the HOME of Small to No Setup Fee!
  • No minimum term of service – some providers require three months to a year!
  • No Internet experience is required! We’ll take care of the details!
  • Free Home Page! What do you want it to say? (nominal charge for scanning)


  • A restaurant could post a copy of the menu
  • An auto garage could have an autobiography of their mechanics
  • It’s up to you!
  • When it’s done, you’ll have a chance to look it over and make minor changes
  • It’s easy to update if you want to make changes later!

This is all you have to do:

  • Pick a .COM, .NET or .ORG name you’d like to use (we can provide suggestions)
  • Call us 661-723-0266 and we’ll set up the registration for you
  • Send in a Web Hosting application and payment
  • Tell us what you want in your free Home Page – we build it for you
  • Pay the invoice from Network Solutions for domain registration when it arrives *


  • Internet domain name registration costs $70 for two years. We receive no part of this fee


Web Hosting Explained

When you use a web browser to view a website, it is similar like using Word to view a document.  The browser does the actual work of displaying the page, while the web page itself contains specific information that determines how it looks.

When you type an Internet address into your browser, it looks for that page on the Internet.  If the page you want is found, it will then download the specific information from that page and then display it in your browser.

Your browser is able to find websites located all over the world because there is a table of Internet addresses that is maintained by an Internet governing group called InterNIC.  This table is updated every day and released into the Internet.  When your browser looks for a website, first it will lookup the address in InterNIC's table of addresses.

As far as your browser is concerned, the address can be almost as complicated as you want to make it.  It can be very long, and contain # pound signs, % percent signs and other characters that would make the address difficult for humans to use.  But since the browser is a computer, it doesn't care. 

On the other hand, it's not so easy for people to use a complicated address.  This is why many companies choose a simple name for their Internet address.  This is exactly why we chose the name "" instead of "Time Link Unlimited - INTERNET - ACCESS.NET". 

To register a domain name, first you have to find a name that is not in use.  See Registering A Domain Name for tips on how to do that.  The cost is currently $70 for two years, none of which goes to  The entire amount is payable to Network Solutions, which is in no way affiliated with

Next, you have to find hard drive space on a computer that is always attached to the Internet.  This is also known as "server space".  Using our Web Hosting, you get 10MB, 30MB or 50MB of server space, depending on the package.

Next, you have to let InterNIC know where your website is so they can associate your domain name with your server space.  When you host a Web at we'll help you take care of that part.

Finally, you need to create your website and copy it to your server space. We'll also give you instructions on how to copy more web pages to your server space.

Web Hosting is NOT the same as your Personal web space.  With our Web Hosting packages, you'll receive additional server space that you can use to upload web pages.   Your visitors will be able to access your Web Hosted website by typing in your domain name.  You'll also be able to use your own personalized e-mail

Here's the difference...

Personal web space

Domain Hosted web space

You'll also receive a 3 megabyte e-mailbox with multiple e-mail aliases so that you can use:

Follow these steps to set up Web Hosting:

  1. Register a Domain Name: Click Here
  2. Apply for Web Hosting: Apply Now

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