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By using our E-mail System, you agree to abide by this policy:

E-mail Policy:

1. Your Primary E-mail Name can not be changed after it has been "assigned".  If you don't like the Primary E-mail Name you are initially given, you may change it once before it is considered to be "assigned".  If you don't change your Primary E-mail Name within 30 days, it will automatically be considered  "assigned".   This will provide one e-mail address that is authorized to make changes to your Dial-up account and any e-mail accounts.  It will also give us a consistent address to e-mail you with relevant information about your account.


2. You may have up to four additional E-mail Names along with your Primary E-mail Name.  Each name is a separate account that can be checked independently of the others, and can have a different password.  Note, however, that only the Primary E-mail account holder may add, delete or change the password of any e-mail account.   Changes may be made using one of the following methods:

(1) Changes can be submitted via online form, and we'll send a confirmation to your Primary E-mail account;

(2) Changes can be requested and confirmed by sending e-mail to service@kay-net.com using your Primary E-mail account;

(3) Changes can be requested by telephone.  A confirmation will be sent to your Primary e-mail account.

Note:  A summary of all changes to your account will be sent to your billing address via US Postal service upon your request.


3. Obscene, illegal, inflammatory or other disruptive names are not allowed.  We reserve the right to disallow or revoke an E-mail Name for any reason, and at any time, even after it has been assigned.  Nicknames are OK.  Names which reflect political views are OK.  Names that are intended to provoke or intimidate are NOT allowed.  Names which are intended to make others believe that you are a representative of kay-net.com will not be allowed (examples are service@kay-net.com, admin@kay-net.com, etc).


4. Once assigned, an E-mail Name must exist for 30 days before it can be deleted.  However, the Primary E-mail account holder can change the password of any e-mail account, including the Primary E-mail account or the Dial-up account, as often as necessary.


5. Some of the Terms of Service apply to e-mail usage, even if they are not listed in this policy.  Examples are terms that apply to Harassment, Unsolicited Electronic mail or Illegal Activity, but others may apply.  For more details, click on this link: Terms of Service


    E-mail contact: service@kay-net.com