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'xxx' is not a valid host name or IP address

This error has only been reported by users with a combination of Windows 98 and Outlook.  This error may occur while using Outlook to send mail or while using other Web based products such as Microsoft FrontPage.  The problem occurs when an invalid hostname is inserted into the Registry, replacing the correct hostname (in the example above, the correct hostname is represented with xxx).


Warning: Always make a back up of your Registry before making any changes to it.  The Registry contains important information that Windows needs to function properly. 




1. Run Regedit:

    A. Click the Start button then choose Run...

    B. Type "regedit" in the box and press Enter.



2. Back up the Registry:

    A. In the Registry menu (first one on the left), choose Export Registry File...

    B. In the File name box, type: C:\REGBACK .  Later on, if you need to restore this file, you can reboot your computer in Safe Mode, run REGEDIT, then choose Import Registry File... from the Registry menu to restore the Registry using your backup file.

    C. You should also write down any changes that you make.  The easiest way to restore the Registry is to keep track of changes you make and if it doesn't work, change them back.


3. Find the invalid hostname String:

    A. Click the plus sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

    B. Click the plus sign next to System

    C. Click the plus sign next to CurrentControlSet

    D. Click the plus sign next to Services

    E. Click the plus sign next to VxD

    F. Click ON the icon called MSTCP (just click once)


You should see the following screen:


    G. Double Click the entry in the right pane called HostName

    H. Change the string name to the correct hostname and press Enter

     I. Close Regedit.  You might have to reboot your computer.


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