Just How Do You Find Stuff on the Net? 
Here is a List of all the Major Search Engines and what they are best at.
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Browse All Computing & Internet Search Engines by Letter. If a Search Engine does not start with that letter, it will lead you to the next letter. Each link will take you directly to the site, use you back button if need to get back here.
Search Engine List

One of the top Internet search engines, AltaVista provides news, stock quotes and general interest zones, as well as a refinable Web-searching tool. 

Ask Jeeves!
Jeeves is a trusty information servant for millions. Employ him to find sites relating to any subject simply by asking in plain English. Jeeves will offer a wide variety of answers, including top-10 results from popular Internet search engines. 

A daily updated search engine for computer security-related material. Also includes links to other computer-oriented search engines. 

There's no kidding around at this low graphics/high function site that is a directory of search engines grouped by category. Find what you need by linking to general search engines, or those built to inspect databases of a specific subject area. 

Bots automatically search the Web for information about a topic of your choosing. BotSpot classifies bots and intelligent agents by subject, allowing you greater time for the more important things at hand. 

Cyber 411
Time saving keyword searches are possible with this resource which enters your keyword into 15 different search engines for the optimal returns. 

There's nothing fecal about this meta search engine that uses many tools at once to find search results from the Web, Usenet and FTP, as well as stock quotes and business news. 

eBLAST: Encyclopedia Britannica's Internet Guide
Delivering extensive listings of categories and modern and hip articles, eBLAST, Encyclopedia Britannica's Internet Guide, also provides links and a search engine. 

But first, are you experienced? If not, Excite offers scintillating services for the active WWW surfer: free e-mail, chatrooms and perhaps most interestingly an instant paging service called PAL. 

Go2Net is an active hub in the middle of the Internet. From the front door you can jump to games, news, stocks, shopping, and view a variety of popularity rankings and more. 

Google! Search Engine
Born, raised and still living on the server at that hotbed of geekdom, Stanford University, this no-frills, lightning fast search engine offers nothing especially new. However, its speed and reliability will attract users outside of the ivory tower. 

Proclaiming the idea of the simplfied search engine, with options, GoTo.com offers a few ideas and information about the company along with the Web-searching tool. 

Highway 61: Meta Search
This one stop search shop employs five of the most popular search engines simultaneously, and allows users to adjust several variables such as time and number of results to get them what they want when they want it. 

HotBot, one of the many services of HotWired, will conduct your highly-specific Web search for you. You can search for just audio or video files or general web sites depending on your need. 

A solid general directory with search engine, daily news, weather and sports. They search by word association so you're likely to always get a result. 

Looksmart allows its users to search or browse internet Web sites through its 24,000-plus topics of interest directory. 

An online directory with personality. Though it lacks a certain aesthetic pizzazz, it clearly has enough meat to merit browsing. 

Why choose between search engines when you can use several of them at once? This University of Washington resource houses a search engine that draws on seven major directories for listings pertaining to your particular topic. 

Northern Light
Providing both a regular Web search engine and a fee-based special collection, Northern Light allows users to refine a search and to sift through journal, book and industry data. 

Planet Search
Make the planet seem much smaller with this user friendly and speedy resource. In addition to a Web-wide search service, Planet Scan will comb business listings, e-mail addresses and government pages. 

ProFusion Search Engine
The Kansas Jayhawks, who developed this meta search engine, graciously offer the user several choices. Ask it to use any or all of the nine major engines it has handy to search the Web or Usenet for sites that match your keywords. 

(R) www.512-1212.com  
Reverse phone book and more, look up anyone

A handcrafted search engine free of pornography. It focuses on entertainment sites, but also offers links to pages on shopping, education and more. 

Type in your search words and wait as this service summons the power of no fewer than 23 popular search engines and databases. This is the good news and the bad news. Chances for finding obscure sites are better, but results can be overwhelming. 

Search Broker, The
Focus is the obsession of the Search Broker. It asks first for the subject of your search, as it will automatically send the rest of your query to the search engine that specializes in that field. 

Search China
A service of the European Internet Network, this search engine operates only in the Chinese language. 

Search Engine Robots/Spider List
There is no danger, Will Robinson. The robots on this list are not angry killers, they're the most devout research geeks you've ever seen. Choose from roughly 30 famous and obscure search spiders at this site. 

Search.com assembles hundreds of different search engines, making information access easy and convenient. Aside from the major search tools like Infoseek and Alta Vista, you will find collections of topic-specific engines for news, computing and more. 

Search: BotSpot
Bots retrieve and index information on the Web by intelligently responding to data sent their way. Visit this site to choose from a collection of search Bots -- services that use these artificial smarts to more effectively get you what you want. 

Snap's comprehensive search and navigation service provides a directory of hand-picked Web sites covering a multitude of topics. Regardless of whether you're an expert or novice Internet user, you'll find what you're looking for here.  

Spire Project, The: Serious and Professional Information Research
This page is devoted to making the process of finding information more expedient. Read articles about finding information in various subject areas and link to sites provided. 

Starting Point
Starting Point offers categorized information sections, a search engine, Web highlights and products such as free e-mail accounts and home pages. Weather and maps are also available. 

(T) 37.com
Search 37 different search engines at once.

Web Crawler
Let the funny little spider help you "search before you surf." Web Crawler is sort of the little brother of search services, supporting a small database of its picks for the best of the Web. 

Web Robots Pages, The
Web robots (or spiders, or crawlers, or wanderers or however you refer to them) are a relevant part of today's Internet culture. Learn more about these devices, where they come from and -- if you're interested -- how to get them to avoid your site.  

Webgator: Investigative Resources on the Web
Contains directories to the stuff dreams (and nightmares) are made of. Private dicks and wannabes can follow links to such sites as state licensing agencies, bankruptcy and property records and other government information. 

In 1994, two grad students at Stanford University created a guide to the Internet that would eventually become a household name. Yahoo!'s size is both an asset and a liability, but nonetheless, the guide has survived and thrived for good reason. 

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