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Getting on the Internet

The Internet is a huge network that links computers together all around the world. The computers can be linked directly using wires and telephone lines, or indirectly, by radio or satellite. Computers that are linked together can pass information between each other. The information is usually reading material, possibly with pictures or sound. There are other activities you can perform on the Internet, such as send/receive e-mail, download software or shop online.

Some computers are always connected to the Internet. Universities, businesses and other organizations have websites that are available 24 hours a day. Other computers, such as yours, will connect to the Internet only as needed.

In order to connect to the Internet you have to link your computer with one that is always connected, such as an ISP.

Getting On the Internet


To get on the Internet, you’ll need:

  1. A computer.
  2. A modem and a telephone line (a modem acts as a telephone for your computer).
  3. Software that can dial the modem (this is built-in to Windows 95/98).
  4. A computer attached to the Internet that will let you link up to it (like an ISP such as kay-net).
  5. Software that will display web pages (like Internet Explorer).

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