Webspace Policy

By using your Personal web space, you agree to abide by this policy:


Personal Web space Policy:

1. You are allowed to use up to 10 megabytes of server space for your Personal Web space.  This web space is intended for personal use only.  Your Personal Web space is NOT intended for commercial use.  If your website generates a high rate of traffic you may be subject to an additional fee. 


2. Only the Primary E-mail account may add or delete a Personal Web space, or change its password.  Changes may be made using one of the following methods:

(1) Changes can be submitted via online form, and we'll send a confirmation to your Primary E-mail account;

(2) Changes can be requested by sending e-mail to service@kay-net.com using your Primary E-mail account;

(3) Changes can be requested by telephone.  A confirmation will be sent to your Primary E-mail account.

Note:  A summary of all changes to your account will be sent to your Primary E-mail account or your billing address via US Postal service upon your request.


3. Your Web space will be assigned the same name as your Primary E-mail Name.  Your web space will be found on the Internet at: http://members.kay-net.com/yourname/ where "yourname" is your Primary E-mail Name.  


4. We do not inspect Personal Websites for content.  You are entirely responsible for any content that you publish.  However, we reserve the right to disable any website that is disruptive, illegal, or generates too much traffic.  


5. Some of the Terms of Service apply to your Personal Web space, even if they are not listed in this policy.  Examples are terms that apply to Harassment or Illegal Activity, but others may apply.  For more details, click on this link: Terms of Service


    E-mail contact: service@kay-net.com