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Under Construction - here are the basic steps.   This will be explained in more detail soon.

1. Activate the web space: Activate Personal Web space

2. Log into the members' server using an FTP client (example: using the DOS FTP client, type "open members.kay-net.com").  Login using your Web space Name (same as Primary E-mail Name without the @kay-net.com) and Web space Password.

(starting the DOS FTP client from Windows 95/98: Start - Run - Open: "FTP")

3. Upload your pages (example: using the DOS FTP client, type "put index.html").

4. View your website using a browser (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape).

Note: there are Windows FTP clients that are more convenient once you learn how to use them.  Send suggestions for your favorite FTP client to support@kay-net.com .  Thanks...

    E-mail contact: support@kay-net.com

    Send a message: Support